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April 24, 2017

Louis Vuitton Croisette bag

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Louis Vuitton is well-known for its refined artistry and craftsmanship that’s why we couldn’t help but feel giddy and have butterflies in our stomachs whenever this French fashion house releases a new bag. We felt totally elated and overjoyed when we got a glimpse of its Croisette Bag.


The Croisette is described to be compact and body-friendly, which was already a plus points for us. Brimming with sophistication with its Damier Azur print (known to be one of LV’s most iconic prints), the Croisette is a flawless bag creation.


The top is crafted with a leather handle, it comes with a long leather strap for shoulder carry. The shape is even more beautiful and curved. It’s truly a lady bag adorned with a small tassel on the side. It opens with flap & clasp closure, the interior features a flat pocket. The bag is crafted with the famous Damier Azur Canvas, of which you will certainly love.Measuring 9.8’ x 6.7’ x 3.5’ inches.

April 17, 2017

New Chanel Airline Flap Replica Bag

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The Chanel SS16 collection is all about “chic travel”. Travel and airplanes are some of Lagerfeld’s favorite motifs, which he also utilized in both the Cruise 2008 and Spring Couture 2012 shows. For this show, Largerfeld transformed the Grand Palais in Paris into a sleek, modernized airport. Despite the modernized setting, many of the looks and bags are reminiscent of vintage travel days of the 50s and 60s with an eccentric edge. Many of the models strutted the runway in pantsuits, tweed skirts, and metallic shoes.

Inspired by the wondrous adventures of airplanes up in the sky, this Chanel flap bag features an airplane on the famous CC logo.A Replica Chanel flap bag Online like no other, turn heads as you wear this latest Airline Flap Bag from the luxurious French brand.


The rounded studs placed all over the bag on the other hand gave it edge and definition, something you couldn’t find in the other Chanel flap bags sale. An unconventional flap bag on its own, this fashion treasure broke from the traditional diamond quilting as it now wears a unique squared-like quilting effect. The interwoven chain straps on the other hand made us all the more enthusiastic about purchasing it once it hits the market.
And oh keep in mind that this is a limited edition. Once the season is over, there will be no more opportunities to get a hold of this gem so might as well buy it now.
Carry it with pride and beam with your own fashion statement, this bag is all about falling in love with the world of aeronautics.

The rounded studs placed all over the bag on the other hand gave it edge and definition, something you couldn’t find in the other Chanel flap bags sale. An unconventional flap bag on its own, this fashion treasure broke from the traditional diamond quilting as it now wears a unique squared-like quilting effect. The interwoven chain straps on the other hand made us all the more enthusiastic about purchasing it once it hits the market.
And oh keep in mind that this is a limited edition. Once the season is over, there will be no more opportunities to get a hold of this gem so might as well buy it now.
Carry it with pride and beam with your own fashion statement, this bag is all about falling in love with the world of aeronautics.

April 7, 2017

Chanel CC Accordion Bag

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Ladies, we’ve some exciting news. It’s about a handbag that has not been featured (yet) anywhere on the internet and we have all the details here, thanks to Amaira.
We’re talking about the brand-new Chanel CC Accordion Bag from the latest Spring Summer 2016 Collection and the bag is so unique that we’re totally obsessed with it. And here’s why…
This Chanel CC Accordion Bag is a contemporary and feminine bucket bag introduced in the Spring/ Summer 2016 collection.
New Chanel CC Accordion Bag
The style is timeless with its a bit curvy shape, classic quilting and a large CC logo on the front.
The intertwined chain link strap, which is linked to the fabulous medium sized CC logo, on the front functions as a drawstring to tight or loose the opening of the bag. It is so artistically made that  you may want to tight and loose it over and over.
It also has an adjustable large boyish chain (almost the same as the Boy Bag Chain and finished  with leather on top for comfort) and an adjustable leather handle strap for shoulder carry and hand carry.
Amaira bought this bag in New York, it’s also available in large size. This bag is not available in London, so Amaira was really amazed when she spotted this bag (her eyes lit up when she first saw it). But look at his bag – it’s not the Flap Bag we’re used to. This Chanel bag is unique and never-seen-before, it’s worth every penny.

March 30, 2017

Exclusive Prada Plex Ribbon Bag

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Introducing a new playful bag from 2017 Prada handbag collection.  If you are looking for a unique bag to own and flaunt this season, then the Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric bag is just what your bag collection wants?  It’s easy to fall into buying the same types of bags, but there’s something to be said about changing things up as well.


This Prada Bag exudes style and confidence to the highest level. A stylish and modern misfit in the bag world, the Prada Plex Ribbon Bag is everything you can ever ask for a distinctive accessory.

The first thing that will catch your attention would be the lock with the extra long strap which very much looks like a ribbon. So before you go gaga with this latest Prada goody, let’s talk more about its details.
It is made up of genuine calf leather and has steel hardware to complement it. It also showcases a unique Plexiglas clasp with leather loop and the metal lettering logo that proudly displays that you are owning a one-of-a-kind Prada piece and features multi-functionality thanks to its detachable leather shoulder strap for shoulder and cross body carrying.

March 22, 2017

Replica Bvlgari Serpenti Bags

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Bulgari is a luxury Italian brand that was formed nearly 200 years ago, and from the 1970s went global with flagship stores opened in Monte- Carlo, Paris, New York and Geneva. It was also at this time that the popularity of the company soared to the great heights of its modern success.

Replica Bvlgari Serpenti Bags

All Replica Bvlgari leather items is going to be embellished through the famous lizard mind. The Serpenti enclosure features eco-friendly malachite eyes and lightweight gold plated enamel for that mind. The move by Bvlgari to widen its leather collection follows the brand’s growth of its Serpenti jewellery and watch line this past year. With this particular, Bvlgari has unquestionably reestablished its status for creating and creating fine serpent-inspired luxury goods.

Like several Bvlgari items, the karung-derived Serpenti leather collection does not come cheap. Small Replica Bvlgari Clutch bags will retail for around $2,100 each, rising to $2,500 for any bigger size. Individuals searching for something dressier can buy a black-enameled minaudiere for any hefty $4,600.Not every items underneath the Serpenti line are constructed with lizard-skin, however therefore if prefer something just a little understated, you’ll be able to choose the shoulder bags in calf leather which sport the Serpenti mind closure. Straps are fashioned within the pattern of the snake’s scales to help solidify the serpent-inspired theme.

Like the majority of of Bvlgari’s designs, the Serpenti leather lines are understated. Never someone to affirm its position within the fashion industry with gaudy designs, the brand’s new collection goes lower well with fans from the Italian luxury goods house.Captured, LMVH located a cocktail event in Milan announcing the launch from the Serpenti leather line that saw models, artists and designers attending. The glitzy affair was livened using the performance of Gus Gus, an Icelandic band.

March 15, 2017

Three kinds of replica Chole Fringe bag

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Chloe Jane Replica Bags

Chloe Hudson Replica Bags

It goes without any doubt when I say that the Chloe Jane bag has been go-to for any lady, sophisticated and yet a wearable fashion. It will most certainly reflect the level of your distinctive style and personality. The lovely part about it is that despite their high price, you can find the best replica Chloe handbags that you yearn for online. The Chloe Jane bag is a functional and elegant must-have for any woman season after season. It just does not get old.

Chloe Hudson Fringe Replica Bags

Chloe Jane Replica Bags

The Chloe bags Hudson fringe shoulder bag is made from calfskin and Napa lambskin and comes in an array of colors and sizes. It is a good choice to certainly go with. I love the studs frame exterior which is in the shape of a horseshoe. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and large rings which are U-shaped. The woven fringe detail on this Chloe bags Hudson and the logo brings out the artistic design. It is just marvelous. I just could not wait too long before looking around for this handbag in some of the websites with the best replica bags. I’m a proud to say I own a Chloe Hudson fringed shoulder bag now.

Chloe Hudson Fringe Multicolor Bag

Chloe Hudson Fringe Multicolor Replica Bag

This bag is just fabulous! If you are a person who loves many colors, then I’m so sure this is your kind of crossbody bags with tassels. It is made of smooth calfskin leather. Among the various things that will attract me to buy any handbag is how much I love the hardware. Fortunately, this Chloe handbag has already passed that test. It has brass hardware with a pale golden trim. You can adjust the shoulder strap as well so as to fit your height perfectly. Finally, it comes with a multi color suede fringe at the top. And a beautiful flap top with snap closure making it easier to lock your contents without any tussles. I find it hard to turn a blind eye on crossbody bags with tassels and this is one of them.

March 6, 2017

Chic Replica Prada Nylon Bag

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I love this Replica Prada Nylon Bag.Back 2004, I remember everyone was obsessed with Prada Nylon Handbags. Real or fake. It was crazy. This was a time when little was known, let alone done about counterfeit handbags that plagued the streets.

It felt like everywhere you went, if you just looked around within sight distance, there was always a black nylon dressed handbag adorned with that basic signature bottom-up triangle Prada logo. Most commonly, it was the Prada Nylon Pochette.


11 years later,when I meet the Prada Tess Drawstring Bag outlet, I absolutely love the design of this bag. It’s not like all the other nylon backpack styles that Prada is so famously known for. It has the option to be carried as cross-body or hand-held. I love the open compartment which is spacious enough for all the daily necessities, and the convenient easy access front pocket is perfect for organization of those at arms reach items.

February 27, 2017

Louis Vuitton Petit bucket bag

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Bucket bag are getting more popular day by day and this particular Louis Vuitton Petit Bucket bag is really feminine and chic. For its price, bag lovers will find it reasonably-priced for it comes with an internal pouch.


The Louis Vuitton Petit bucket bag Review looks particularly classy and elegant if compared with the other bucket bags out there for it is made from the signature LV Monogram canvas. Its ideal shape makes it a perfect go-to city bag especially if you run errands. And oh, the removable zipped cosmetics pouch is also a brilliant addition for you can stash your make up here in an organized manner.


It comes with a shoulder strap, but you can carry it by hand also if you like to. Refined in golden hardware, this baby is measured 23 x 26 x 16 (L x H x W).

February 20, 2017

All kinds of Louis Vuitton Nano

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Micro bags are one of the most polarizing trends to home along in years, and I’ve got some unfortunate news for those who wish they’d go away (We read the comments! We hear your size frustrations!): Louis Vuitton has stepped into the ring with seven brand new versions of some of its favorite bags, shrink-rayed to tiny proportions.

Louis Vuitton is feeding into our obsession for the teeny tiny and launching the Nano Bag Collection for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 line this Friday, July 3rd in stores, at least here in the US!


The collection is called Louis Vuitton Nano, and it includes miniatures of popular classics like the Speedy, Noé and Alma, as well as newer styles like the W and Soft Lockit. Vuitton maintains that these bags retain the exact same structure and proportion, structure and stitching that their big sisters have, and except for the missing vachetta leather bottom on the Noé BB, they do all look extremely faithful to their inspiration.

unnamed (1)

The Noé is the smallest of the bags, at 5.1 inches wide and 5.9 inches tall, and it’s also at the collection’s lowest price point: $810. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the W and Soft Lockit are both 7.5 inches wide, which manages to barely accommodate an iPhone 6 Plus. Both of those bags are rendered in Veau Cachemire leather, which puts them at $1,720, the range’s highest price tag.

Louis Vuitton has always had knack for winning us over with adorable designs. The nano collection’s smaller sized bags offer even more possibilities for toting and accessorizing LV classics. Each nano sized bag features a long leather strap for versatile wear. Each style will come in similar colors and materials to their bigger companions.

February 15, 2017

Chanel Trendy CC WOC

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What’s the hottest Chanel WOC right now. No, it’s not the Classic Quilted WOC or the Timeless CC WOC. It’s actual is the Chanel Trendy CC WOC and the conversations is dominating in everywhere on the internet.

The Replica Chanel Trendy CC WOC is quilted, crafted with an interwoven chain. The size is mini, but that’s enough to keep you up at night. The design is actually mirrored from the original Chanel Trendy CC Bag. But the golden CHANEL plate is beautiful enough for us to run to the store and grab one.

It’s the most versatile bag you can ever own, a ‘must have’. Wear it at day, take it to shopping, brag it at school and sling it at work, walk like a model at the runway because you got a Chanel and when the sun change places with the moon, hide the shoulder strap inside your bag and transform it into an evening clutch.

The story all started when Chanel decided to release the beyond-gorgeous Chanel Trendy CC WOC. The size and the appearance are like the modified version of the Classic Quilted WOC. The biggest difference is the golden logo plate on the top with the brand’s signature on it, which is not only unique but also to-die-for.

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