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September 16, 2015

Cotton Candy Replica Louis Vuitton

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After seeing the new ad campaign for Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 collection, I feel like jumping into a big barrel of cotton candy! I had already assumed what these photos would look like, and if you have been reading my posts, you should have guessed the same! The light pastels of Louis Vuitton handbags for spring are translated well throughout these beautiful scenes. I happen to love the yellow and white monogram bag placed ever so nicely in the photo above. What are your favorite bags from the Spring collection?

After a little thought, I had realized that I’ve neglected something that I hold quite dear. You see, sometimes we take certain things for granted, and I am not immune to doing this myself. How is it that after so many posts on this blog that I have yet to talk about my love for the most classic staple of Louis Vuitton handbags – the monogram.

After looking at bags all day (you know this is what I’m usually doing with my time!), it’s always nice to be pleasently surprised with one that you seemed to have overlooked in the past. This is true today when I came across this fantasic bag while looking at the manyreplica handbags available. You see, it’s not very often that I haven’t seen a particulair piece before, and sometimes designs are quite similair so they don’t neccessarily jump out at me.

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