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September 5, 2015

Prada Replica Bags And Hilary – What Could Be Sweeter?

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As sad as it is, this week is over and a new one must begin. However, this has been a particularly fun week checking out of all of the perfect designer handbags that Hilary Duff gets to call her own! I must admit, I was quite impress by Hilary this week and I am starting to look at her as more of a star fashion icon! I think that’s great, since Hilary is a real down to earth gal, and I think that she has a really good head on her shoulders – which adds years to your career when you are in the public eye! So even though I am sad today since my next post will not involve Hilary Duff, I am really happy because I get to share with you two more great designer bags in her collection, and they are both Prada handbags!

Check out this great photo of the dreamy David Beckham, looking absolutely to die for with his awesome Prada luggage. You really have to be successful in you life to get to have great pieces like these, and I have to say that I am totally jealous of his Prada bags! I would love to take these off of his hands for him, however, I don’t really think he’s looking to get rid of them! Alas, I can’t afford designer Prada handbags, but I do have a secret that I would like to share with you all!

Most of these designer Prada bags scream fall! However, I was a little disappointed to see only one shape. Also, do the handles look like the go a little low to anyone else? I’m not really sure how I feel about this Prada bag collection, I mean, the bags are gorgeous, but they feel like they’re all the same! What’s my favorite of the bunch? I would have to say that the tweed top handle carryall is my pick (pictured above). I feel like it is so warm and cozy, I just want to crawl inside there until spring comes!

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